20150920 - Certified

20150920 - Up in the am and L&D out to D's double header.  G&I are at home, G doing his jobs and I am getting caught up on the impossible list of things to get done.  G transferred to the basement to play the Xbox and I kept working.  Before long it was time to go to his practice so we saddled up and went.  L reported on D's games, D got a double and they won both games.  All games and practices over and everyone but J home.  D&I trying to get pine sap off the VW, then L ran him to the church youth group.  J got home and LG&I went to get him and take him to dinner at Panda Express.  Finally all home and settling in.  J got kicked off the Xbox when the walking dead came on and was not happy about it... Chris came over to watch the walking dead with D&I.  L&I up late working on things.