20150903 - Paper Flowers

20150903 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work.  Very busy and frustrating day...  Home and L was making paper flowers and posting them on social media, D&G were screaming at each other and got in trouble...  J was out shopping with GmaW that was down for a meeting...  LDG&I met them at the new Arby's for dinner and then D&G went shopping with GmaW...  LJ&I headed to Kroger to turn in some raffle ticket $ I had collected and get some supplies.  Home and we watched some college football.  L said why do I love that sound (of the football game on the TV).  It is because it signifies cool fall days and parties with family and friends gathered around the TV watching football and being together.. We can't wait for the Buckeye game Monday night!