20150912 - OSU FOOTBALL!!!

20150912 - Up in the freezing cold windy morning and LJ&I headed to J's game.  It was in Westerville and Sam was having a game so L&I went to watch that while J's team warmed up.  It was a slow game to start but J's team kicked it ino high gear in the second half and won!  During the game my buddy Chris called and had 2 tickets to  the OSU game that he was not going to be able to use.  He wanted to know if Lori and I wanted them.  HELL YEAH!!!!  L&I quickly made arrangements for J and headed out after his game to get a couple of things done.  L&I got all dressed up and headed down to the Shoe for the spectacular pageantry that an OSU Football game has to offer.  We were not disappointed, from our perch in the first row of C deck we could see the band, the sea of people and a not so fabulous performance by the team, but they still won.  It was a fantastic day for football and w had a great time!

We picked up Jack and headed to the McClain's to see my second favorite team play and have some more fun.  What a day!