20150730 - Mission Impossible: 99 Holes, 10 Frames, 9 Innings,1FANTASTIC DAY!

20150730 - UP in the am and G is ready to roll!  We hit McDonald's on the way to our first destination, the Westerville Putt-Putt and Batting Cages.  We played 36 holes of golf and had a blast!  We had to skip the batting cages this time so we could make it to our second destination, but took time to get our standard picture taken in the usual place and pose from years past.

Second destination was a Columbus Clippers game.  We had great seats and they were right in the sun so we spent a lot of time walking around in the shade to get drinks, ice cream and test G's pitching speed (40mph).  G got a t-shirt thrown to him and we had a blast!

Third stop was Galaxy Golf where we played 27 holes of put putt and a couple video games.  It was  good course and G got his picture taken on top of some exotic animals.  He got attacked by ants while getting his pic taken with the wolf :-(

We then headed up 23 in search of another putt-putt place and ran into a car wash.  G loves going through car washes :-)  the putt-putt place was right across the street and itr was brand new.  We did another 36 holes and then jumped back in the car and headed to the Movie Tavern for dinner and to see the new Mission Impossible movie. 

Not done yet...  we stopped at Columbus Bowling Palace on the way home for a game of bowling.  It was a lot of fun.  We got home right at midnight.  

What a fantastic day with my littlest boy!  He's not so little anymore...