20150704 - Vacation Day 1

20150704 - Up and on the road. We plowed straight through OH, WV and into Wytheville Va. Our room wasn't ready so we headed downtown to Skeeter's Hotdogs for an old fashion lunch at the bar. We walked through the shops and admired the classic cars. We ended up on the porch of an old hotel watching the band. The boys wanted to swim so I dropped them and L off at the hotel. I headed back to watch the hotdog eating contest. Big John ate 15 Skeeter's hotdogs in 3 minutes! AMAZING! Back to pick up the fam and D drove us to dinner. We had an ok meal... We then headed downtown to watch the fireworks. The boys ran around waiting for the fireworks to start, and they started fast loins and all at once, scaring the b-Jesus out of G! Hahaha! It was a good show for a little town. Back to the hotel for a fart war.

Special note: Today my cousin Johnathon got Married!!!