20150713 + Big Walker Mountain

20150713 + Up and on the road.  We took an old scenic byway up and over Big Walker Mountain and stopped at the top to climb a watch tower.  D&J bounded up and It took me considerably longer to go up the 200 steps to the top of the way too windy and swaying old metal tower...  At the top there were fantastic views, but I was too nervous and it was way too windy up there.  Back down the tower and down the other side of the mountain.  I tried to get us to a town named 'Odd' in West Virginia for lunch, but it was a horribly twisting road and a dead town... So we stayed in the car and drove on.  We stopped for lunch and then headed to an exhibition mine where we got to ride down into a coal mine and get a history lesson.  It was really cool..  Back on the road and greeted with gray skies and a torrential downpour as we crossed the state line...  We made it to Athens and had a nice dinner at Larry's Dawg House.  On to home and we arrived ____ mile we traveled for our vacation.

Lilly was glad to see us all and smiling and jumping around.  We all helped unpack and then D went to some friends for the night, I dropped off some Scout awards, L cleaned and cleaned while J&G played in the backyard and with some buddies back at the school.  G&I then headed out to get gas in my car for work tomorrow.  We all got to bed in good time and it was nice to be home.