20150712 - Heading Home

20150712 - UP in the am and on the road. We took the scenic route home, heading towards Wilmington, rather than following everyone else that was leaving Myrtle Beach... Our first stop was Mary's art yard where we found awesome tree houses and buildings made of glass bottles, recycled materials and tons of cool stuff everywhere. We got to talk to Mary and she donates money to build wells around the world. Very interesting stop. Back on the road and we stopped for L to get her picture taken with Boo Boo bear, her dad calls her boo boo, and then on to get some lunch and find the worlds largest tire. Then we had a long drive to the world's largest strawberry for an ice cream treat before powering through to the hotel in Wytheville. We got checked in and then headed to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants for a great meal. Back to the hotel and the boys did some swimming and playing. We watch some TV and got some rest.