20150719 - Bday Baseball

20150719 - Up in the am and all over to the McClain's where we loaded up and headed to Cincinnati for the Red vs Indians Game. It was a bday event for Brady and G&Brady had a good time hitting home-runs in the mini field. I have been to the new 'Great American Ballfield' I believe 3 times, 2 of them in the last week... It is a nice ballpark when the sun is down, however during the day it receives my vote for one of the hottest places on the planet. In the 2 day games I have been to in this park they have been the hottest, stillest air, no shade games. Combined with the ridiculously high prices associated with hydration I have to vow to never go there again. We stayed for the extra innings in the blazing sun (D&G's choice) and the Indian's ended up winning (having 3 runs walked in helped...) We stopped for bite on way home and then a non-stop noise (from G) car ride the rest of the way home. No arguments from the boys on bedtime.