20150711 - Shark Attack

20150711 - Up in the am and our last day in MB. We started off at the poll and then headed to a Christmas store and stroll around Barefoot Landing and then to the go-kart tracks. JG&I motored around and had a good time. L&D opted to stay in the AC and relax. After racing ourselves crazy we headed to a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner. The boys were amazed and ate everything put in front of them. I enjoyed the picania YUM! After dinner we headed back, stopping off to get a dozen Crispy Kreme doughnuts. We got some things in order and then headed to the world famous Hawaiian Rumble putt-putt for the championship round. It was a good round and we had a good time. Home for a swim and then back to the room to finish off the ice cream and doughnuts.