20150714 - ALL-STAR Game

20150714 - Up back to work :-(  It was a frantic quick day as I decided to take a last minute trip...  I made a deal with D that I would trade him his 'Dad & Me Day' and his 16th bday present for this opportunity...  He accepted...  L brought D down to the office and traded cars with me and 3 other guys from work rode with D&I to Cincinnati to see the MLB All-Star game.  It was AMAZING!!!  D loved it and talked the whole time about every player, their stats, their gear, everything.  He was in heaven.  The seats were pretty high up, both literally and financially...  But to be in the same ballpark with Johnny Bench, Willy Mays,  Hank Aaron and countless other legends was unbelievable.  An atmosphere I had never witnessed before, It game us chills and D said 'It sort of make my stomach feel funny being in the same place with all the great player...".  The fanfare at the beginning of the game withe huge flag and fighter jets roaring overhead was incredible.  We didn't get any autographs, but he got a hat and shirt with the All-Star logo on it and really seemed to enjoy it.

It was a once in a lifetime event that I am glad we went to, worth every penny!