20140531 - Last Game in May

20140531 - Up for D's game in the am, I coached 3rd base, couple of stupid errors and they lost by 1 :-(  D had an awesome game, been catching every inning for last 4 games.  Home for a quick bite to eat then D&I back to ball fields and he umped a game as I scouted and read.  After that game I got the field ready for our game.  L took J&G to a neighbor's graduation party and then to G's game.  G had a really good game, D had to ump it and was very fair.  G pitched the last inning and had 3 up, 3 down. They won.  Home for a quick change and to the pool with a pizza to cool off.  Home and over to Jim & Vikki's for some food and conversation, it was their family for Ruth's memorial service.