20140503 - Two Teams

20140503 - Up and J&I to McDs and then to the VW dealer for the Passat's checkup. What was to be a 45-60 min check took 1.5 hours. L took D to get his picture with his Spring rec team, Phillies. Home, shaved J's neck and traded him for G. G&I to get his picture taken and them on to his practice. It was a good practice and G made some good plays. Home and ate quick, then D&I to the ball fields. D scrimmaged a bit with the Phillies, I helped get the field ready for an 8th grade game. Game on and we had a decent game. We won but had way too many errors...  LG&I home, L mowing, G playing his touch, I got cleaned up.  Headed out to pick up J&D, got J at his friend's bday party first, then on to the ball field to get D and then go to BWs.  One problem...  D was NOT THERE, neither was G that I sent to go get him.  They had vanished into the woods at the park...  Long story short we found them.  Furious I drove them home and sent them to their rooms...  J&I went out and got food for LJ&I.  Had dinner, talked with the D&G about what happened...  L&I watched a movie.  Up late working.