20140517 - Dancer

20140517 - UP in the am and it is a drizzly day for baseball.  D had his first game with his recreational league team the Phillies.  I took him early and warmed him up.  i raked the field and helped start off the game helping with the book.  I then had to teach a girl how to do the book and headed to G's first game of his season, Gma&paB down to watch.  This morning G was complaining about playing...  Then he gets on the field, turns a double play, makes an amazing leap to get an out on first , gets on base at each at-bat and closes the game pitching...  UNREAL...  Everyone back to our hose before they headed to Lena's dance recital.  I stayed at the fields and watched D ump his first game.  Home and L&J headed to the recital, G working with LEGOs, D playing xbox and then doing homework.  We all got cleaned up, had some ice cream and relaxed the rest of the evening.