20140502 - Good Citizen

20140502 - Up and in to D's school to see him get his Citizenship Award.  If was a nice start to the day.  On to the grocery store to get snacks for the inventory team.  MSFT showed up and we did some audits.  We had a meeting and lunch and things looked good with the inventory.  I headed out early to get the field ready and it was muddy.  We got the field ready and we played ball, LJ&G were at the school carnival.  We played 6 innings and were down at the bottom of the 6th.  Was up and got a hit, next boy out, hit, walk, hit, hit, hit, game tied bases loaded.  hit, WIN!!!  We won our first game!  back to the car to be met by a flat tire...  Pumped it up and got home.  Had some dinner with the fam and then down to watch 'Benchwarmers'.