20140522 - Field Day

20140522 - Up in the am and in to work.  Went into Richards office and had a one on one with him before he left, today being his last day.  I wanted some knowledge from his experience and could not believe this day rolled around so fast.  Had a couple of morning meetings and then my visitor arrived.  I gave the grand tour of the place and the people spoke up and proved just how good they are once more.  We had a nice farewell lunch for Richard and then more tour.  After the tour I drove my visitor to the airport, nice young guy, grew up on a dairy farm in Dublin Ireland, now wetting up repair location all over the world.  Sound familiar...  After dropping him off I headed home to tray and stay ahead of the wave.  The backyard was filled with kids.  They all came over after the field day they had back at the school.  L done with work for the year is now cleaning out the house.