20140516 - Eleven is #1 Twice

20140516 -Up in the am and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jack!  Eleven years ago today little J came into our world.  L made the boys some bfast and off to school and work we went.  Horribly busy day at work on the phone and the floor.  L calling all day going crazy trying to get the present we wanted to get for J :-o  Work over and home.  It was not long before J's friends started showing up and we had some hotdogs and the boys played in the yard.  Loaded the boys up and headed to the movie Spiderman.  It was a good movie from the front row...I don't recommend taking 8 preteen boys to a movie by yourself...  After the movie we headed home and LD&G had successfully found the gift; A portable karaoke machine.  Our arrival home saved D&G from L's testing of the karaoke machine and her singing...   The boys gave it a shot and had a blast.  Soon they were singing and playing in the basement, taking a short break to come up and sing happy birthday.  Back down they went to the basement and at 1:30am I am  updating this as they giggle and chat.

Happy Birthday Jack!
We love you buddy!