20140510 - Family Double Header

20140510 - up and out with D to get his contacts and swing by the bank.  Onward to Delaware for a double header.  We swung through Mcds to get some food.  To the ball field and Aunt Nancy & Ken were there for the first game.  I had one speech for the kids that lasted only so long...  We got spanked!  L had arranged lunch, the picky people...  wtf is going on in our society???  GREECE ROME...  played the second game a bit better than the first.  GmaB came tot he game and L's cousin Tony.  Second game lost.  L&GmaB went to see GGmaK and DG&I headed home.  We stopped at the Village Bookstore and hung out for a bit before heading to pick up J up from a bday party.  We got J, dropped D&G off at home to get cleaned up and J&I got a couple videos and some food.  Home and ate and then played with the boys out back a bit.  In to watch a couple movies.