20140329 + Seriously?! Snow?

20140329 + Everyone up slowly today and it was pretty much a lazy get caught up lounge around and play games kind of a day.  I got a ton of stuff done in the office: receipts from the trip out in, bills caught up and 2013 tax refund redistributed. We got a start on D's merit badge requirements, he called on of the counselors, picked his badges for summer camp and I took him over to a buddy's house. Home and played some cards with J until dinner.  Looking out the window we gazed at the beautiful white blanket of Sping :-(  After dinner JG&I played more cards and had an ice cream snack. Then the boys got cleaned up and we headed down to watch a movie about GIANT spiders, 'Eight Legged Freaks'. G couldn't take it and ran up to the living room to the safety of the Disney Channel. J roughed it out, a bit nervously :-)  Boys to bed and L&I watched some basketball.