20140325 - Spring Break?

20140325 -Up and in to work.  It was a crazy fast day closing items and lining things up.  Had the idea to go to Louisville Slugger bat factory on the way in to work today and texted L to start making plans...  During the day a buddy of my from work sent me a picture of where he was with his kids for spring break.

Shortly after receiving the text from my friend L sent me a text of our backyard...  The boys had some friends over today to help pass the freezing day.  Home and ready for a break, I started looking for a hotel in Louisville while the fam watched Rocky 4.  All boys to bed and I made calls to hotels.  There is some sort of truck show in Louisville and I found one of the few rooms left in a 50 mile radius of the city :-)  Trip planned and to bed at 2am :-o