20140302 - Homework

20140302 - Up in the am and all to church.  We picked J up on the way home from his friends house.  Home for lunch and then G to a bday party.  The rest of us worked on projects around the house.  J went with me to get G and then we went to get some wood for an upcoming Webelos meeting, and a trip to the grocery store where we ran into one of D's teachers and had a nice chat.  One last stop at the hobby store for pinewood derby decals and then home to work on the cars.  J's car looks great and we have only 1 weight yet to attach.  G painted his car and all we have to do is put the tires on.  Finishing up things around the house and for the upcoming baseball meeting.  Little boys to bed and the Pettits over to watch the Walking Dead.  Bed in good time.