20140315 + Fast Sap Reunion & Fort

20140315 + Up early and J, his friend and I headed up to the Farm. We swung through McD's twice to get our complete order... On the road and up in no time: we tested out the new car on the highway and hit 101mph :-) We stopped at the Farm quick to get some boots on the boys and then headed over to Dolce's and aunt Mary joined us. We checked in and the boys took off exploring. I checked out the new additions to the operation and helped out a bit. We ate some of the pancakes, sausage and fresh maple syrup. Lenard and I figured out a plan to get his stuff on the internet.

Back to the farm for lunch and then boys out to play.   Dave over and we headed into town to meet up with Tia and check out the place we are going to hold the class reunion. It will be a good place to have our party. Back to Farm and Gma&paW & I figured out MSD@F. It is going to be a nice small event this year. J and his friend came in and told us to come down and check out their fort. We went down and the boys had built a 2 story hay fort, it was super cool. GpaW & I checked some things out and talked about future plans. Time to leave and we headed South. We got J's friend delivered and headed home. D went to a friends house for the night. L&G were happy to see us. J told of his adventures of the day and then boys to bed. L&I headed down to watch 'Captain Phillips'