20140328 - Sharks, Sofas and Cousins, OH my!

20140328 - Up and downstairs for bfast buffet at the hotel.  We got the room broken down and our stuff put in the car.  We took the hotel shuttle to the Newport Aquarium and walked up the steps that revealed a HUGE line.  L&G headed to the back of the line and DJ&I walked through the crowd and to the front.  I asked the guy at the entrance, 'If I have tickets do I have to wait in line?' 'No sir you can go right in'.  Glad we got the tickets at the hotel :-)  So past the horde we we went as they announced timed entry and on our undersea adventure.  There were sharks we could pet, a show with divers in the shark tank, jelly fish and every sort of fish, frog, alligator you could imagine.  We walked through the tubes and took it all in; J was in heaven.

After out expedition we hit 5 Guy for some yummy burgers and fries.  We then jumped on a trolley get back to the hotel that had slippery wooden seats and worn out shocks for a crazy ride.  Back to the hotel and on to the one stop L really waned; IKEA...  She now has in her mind a new bathroom and kitchen (of course, the 2 most expensive rooms to remodel...)  The boys found a living room the size of our entire downstairs.  L kept shopping and the boys and I found some ice cream to pass the time.  After the IKEA stop we headed a bit further North to Russ & Nancy's for dinner with the Halsteads.  Lori and Elizabeth came to join us for dinner and it was a really fun time.  D was anxious about getting some shoes we found on day one of the trip so we had to cut the visit short and break the sound barrier to get to the store before it closed. Success!

Home unpacked, watching NCAA tournament and updating blog.