20140316 - Most Elaborate Trap

20140316 - UP in the am and the power is out... Then back on... All out to church and then home for lunch and a day of catch up; homework, reading, bills, sleep. D did his homework and took a nap, G took a nap and then did some reading, J tried to do homework but melted down and feel asleep, I was stuck in the office and L did stuff for school. We all converged on the living room eventually to watch some basketball. Then we ordered a pizza and before we went to pick it up G came down with plan for the most elaborate leprechaun trap yet. So we built it! Here he is setting the hair trigger trip device.

On to get pizzas w/ D&G and a quick stop at Kroger. Home for dinner and then to the basement for a show about museums. Little boys to bed, and Chris & Sean down to watch the Walking Dead. It was quite a shocking show tonight... Prepping for the week ahead and to bed in good time.