20140309 - Shoot-n-Sleep

20140309 - Up in the am and all to church. Home and D&G played in the playroom while L got lunch readyWe had lunch and everyone got a list of what they had to get done today. I headed into the office for a bit while homework and painting got done. Then I headed out to a rec-ball coaches meeting. Good meeting, saw a bunch of guys I knew including Big Head. Swung by to get a hair cut and make a couple deposits on the way home. Got home and D was posting on eBay, J&G were at the playground and L was working on a school project. Dave called to catch up and I called Leonard to discuss this years maple syrup flow. Little boys home, J doing magic tricks, D still posting, G was silent... I went looking for him and found him asleep on the playroom floor with his thumb and blankies :-) 

Cousin Jen stopped over to trade DVDs and have a nice chat. We had leftovers for dinner and when Doc got home D&I went over to fix his garage door, unstick and reset his garbage disposal and rewrire a switch and outlet in his kitchen. Home and the Pettit boys over to watch the Walking Dead. Packed up tonight's eBay sales and a round of Scrabble with Marko. All the makings of winding up a great weekend.