20110522 + Camping and Baseball

20110522 + Up in the morning refreshed for a great night camping out. The weather overnight was perfect. We got up and made breakfast and started packing up. The boys put on a church service that was very nice.

We got everything cleaned up, encouraged them to do one more activity that would count towards a badge and then headed home with a stop for lunch. Home and D had to rush in to change and then back to the baseball fields to make up the game that was called off for wet fields yesterday. LJ&G went to church and then J was at a friends bday party and L&J had a play date. I worked the score book for the game and D's team won against his buddy Seth's team, but Seth got the only point for his team. D got 1 point and thrown out stealing home :-o
All back home and DJG&I rode our bikes to Subway to get dinner. It started raining again... but this time brought with it a double rainbow that amazed us all. All boys in and to bed.