20110521 - Soccer, No Baseball, first Camp

20110521 - Up in the am and L&J to J's soccer game. Gma&paW met them at the game. DG&I started getting things ready for D's scout campout and then headed over to D's baseball game. D's game was cancelled because the fields were too wet, on this glorious sunny day.... ???? So we headed back home and went to lunch with the fam and Gma&paW.

After lunch D&I headed to Muskingum Valley Scout Reservation for the night. We got there, got set up and had a nice time. This is a bit different from the Cub Scouts as the 'Old Crows' (Dads and leaders) don't control the campout. It is up to the boys what activities they do, badges they work on, meals they cook... Pretty hard to sit back and just watch. But pretty cool too. I cooked 2 chickens over the fire YUM!