20110516 - Jack's 8

20110516 - Up and saw the boys off to school. Slow start. Did some paperwork. Called some friends to wish them happy birthday. Out of the office when J got home and gave him his BBgun. Helped him put some LEGOs together and then out to shoot his new gun. He is a dead eye shoot, but when he sliced off the top of his finger he didn't like the gun so much... UGH!!! Out to Max & Erma's for J's bday dinner. Home, D&I to his Scout meeting getting ready for his summer camp. Home got boys to bed, picked up Doc and headed to the 'Church of the Golden Arches'.

20110515 - All up and to Church, we had a GREAT discussion in Sunday school.
I took off early, picked up Scott and we headed to Scout Rangemaster training.
L took D&G to J's wet soccer game, then to one of J's friends bday party.  All home for pizza and movie.  Out to the CrossEyedChurch.