20110506 - Friends Carnival

 20110506 - Exhausted from the long day yesterday, slow start, worked at desk. Took a break and had lunch with my buddy Dave and did some catching up. Back home and Dave did some sword flighted with G. Back at desk until time to head back to the school for the carnival. I got all dressed up in my Scout garb and passed out scout stuff while L&boys ran nuts. D upset he did not get to be in the dunk tank. I stayed up late reading.

20110505 - Up and over to the office, had our meeting, had some laughs and serious discussions. Richard and I to the airport, really bad traffic. Caught our flights, just barely in WDC and made it home about 11pm. D got to go see his middle school today. L&I get to go next week. LJ&G went back to the playground while D had baseball practice.