20110519 + RARE photo of a Dorkupine

20110519 - Up in the am with the boys and got this rare photo of a Dorkupine ;-)  Ran out at lunch with Jeff to look at a house.  J&I all dressed up and to his Scout graduation, he became a Wolf Scout tonight with the rest of his Den.  DJ&I ran out and got coffee and cocoa after the meeting.  Home, up really late watching 'American Gangster' and looking for an online accounting tool.

20110518 + Up to another grey and crappy day.  To the desk getting things knocked down.  After work had dinner and then outside while the sun was shinning for a bit.  Got some grasses planted and some hostas transplanted.   In to finish watching 'Green Hornet' with the boys.

20110517 - UP and at the desk but exhausted.  Maybe it is because it has been raining again for days an no sunshine.  Did get myself rolling and got my tasks done for the day.  Had dinner with the fam and then J&I out to get gas, milk, guitar strings and movies.  Home and the boys all got haircuts and we watched part of a movie.  L and I up late watched movie 'Town'.