20110512 - G's 1st Game

20110512 - Up working, slow morning had a 3 hour call...  D went to OSU for a field trip today, Energy Club celebration luncheon, and stayed late after school for play practice.  All home together for a couple min them back out.  L&D to D's baseball game; he had a great game, first to bat and got a hit, walked next 2 times up, he played catcher, first and caught a pop fly in the outfield. After the first couple innings, L went to D's Middle School orientation.  JG&I to G's first game of the season.  G was in top form showin all the 'little kids' how the games played! 

20110511 - Up and at it, another beautiful day, in the 80's :-o
After work I headed to Meijer to get more pavers.  L took D to his baseball practice.  I had a guy with a big box truck meet me there and we got a whole pallet.  Home and moved 240 pavers, OH MY BACK.  J&G 'helped' and Doc came over to lend a hand too.  We got all but the last 20 laid down tonight.  all boys to bed, up and watched a movie.

20110510 - A pretty morning.  Up and boys off to school, chained to the desk and getting things done. D had play practice after school and J did not get home on time so I had to go looking for him.  D&I to the apple store to get a cover for L's new iPad2 and then Staples for some ink.  We attempted to go to batting practice but the coach didn't show... so I threw some balls to D and I was frightened because he was hitting them right at me :-o  D&I over the soccer fields and met up with the fam and watched J's soccer game.  For some reason J decided he did not know how to kick the ball any more....  but they still won.  Home and I made J practice kicking the ball through a V in one of our big trees in the backyard.  All boys in, cleaned up and off to bed. D&I finished 'The Magician's Nephew', the first book in 'The Chronicles of Narnia' and have started 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'.  I stayed up late messing with my new iPad (L's old one).

20110509 - Up and dragging today...  Had some calls and it was an ok work day.  Fantastic sunshine outside for the couple minutes I was in it.  They say another 9 days of rain is heading out way :-(  After work had dinner with the fam, then LD&G went to D's baseball practice and J&I headed to our final meeting as a Tiger Den.  We did magic tricks and the boys really had a good time.  We picked up D from Boy Scouts, home, cleaned them up and off to bed.  I got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers.

20110508 - Up in the am and all to church.  D ran the sound-board for the kids church today.  After church we tried to go to the 94th Areo Squadrin, but today they are reservations only...  so home and we started working, mowing and laying bricks.  The boys were being pretty bad today so it wasn't the greatest Mothers Day ever...  We got things cleaned up and headed to the movie$.  We saw 'African Cats' and it was a really cool movie.  Home, boys cleaned up and to bed.  I headed out to meet with Joe.