20110504 - Fighters and a Rainbow

20110504 - Up did some work, had some lunch with L&G and then off to the airport.  Took me 10.5 hours to get to the hotel... pretty tired.   On the trip I was stuck in DC for a bit and while there I got to see a gropu of WWII vet on an 'Honor Flight'.  Wow that was cool; thanks guys!  I saw this rainbow in Washington DC; maybe the rain will stop now...  L&Boys had a pretty good night, G feeling a bit better. 
20110503 - Up and MORE RAIN...  G still sick and home from school and 'helping me'... Sitting at desk getting ready for trip tomorrow.  Lunch with Courtland and Jeff.  Voted. Back to desk to finish out the day.  G coughing like crazy, so L took him to the Dr., second day in the row...  Home had a nice dinner with the fam, got boys cleaned up and watched another Bond film in the basement.  All boys to bed, up and getting ready for the trip tomorrow and Thursday.

20110502 - Up and at the desk for another rainy day...  Got caught up from being on the road last week.  Talked to Cindy today, she is doing well.  G stayed home today and I made him 2 pieces of cinnamon toast at his request. Dinner with the fam and then DJ&I to Scouts.  Home, all boys to bed, G is very sick and on the couch for the night.  Back out for Bible Bangers.

20110501 - Up and all to church.  Home for lunch and then D had practice, playing and working in the yard while the sun was out.  Grilled dinner outside, slow evening and I worked at the desk until late.