101025 - Medal and Stress

101025 - Pretty crappy day,  got stuff done but pretty depressed.  After dinner went to Jack's game, they tied.  All to Dairy Queen for awards.  Home and boys to bed.  Joe over to chat, then Bible Bangers.

101024 - Up, L2 Church, DJG&I cleaned up from the party.  We had some lunch and then ran some errands: projector back to rich, paintball place, tanks and camp pants for boys, Lowes electrical supplies, Target legos for all 3, clock for L's iPhone
Meijer groceries and stuff for dinner, Grossl's tv and stuff back.  Scott B called, his dad died... WTF???  We played some baseball w/ G, then dinner.  I ran electric to the garage dr opener, D helped, G played harmonica.  Boys to bed, Called lee about palm trip vs calling hrs w/ Scott, taking late flight out so I can be with Scott.  Basement clnd up a bit, Bed, blog, Bible catch up.