101009 + FOOTBALL

101009 + Up and L&J out to J's soccer game. I hung out w/ D&G and ready for the big day. D got bfast and packed lunches for G and himself. L home,
Jack had a great game and did an awesome as goalie, I wish I could have seen it!
L&I dropped D&G off @ Seth's and helped rescue their dogs. We then headed to the Ohio State Expo Center, battling the Quarter Horse Congress cowboys, parked and got the bus to the Shoe.

As you can see we sat pretty high, but who cares? We were there! Gma&paW gave us the tickets for our 16th wedding anniversary, Oct 1. But on Oct 1 I was out in a tent with D&J for a scout campout... The game was an OSU runaway from the start and the stands cleared out pretty early. But L&I wanted to stay to the very end, and we loved every minute of it! We got back in the car and L checked on J (he is staying with his buddy Donovan) and found out J won third place in the campground Halloween costume contest! He dressed up as Jim Tressel.
Home and we picked up DG & Seth and headed out for some errands; supplies for G's birthday next weekend and the annual football party the week after that, and some pizza. We played some monkey in the middle and then in to watch the new 'Karate Kid' and then more football!

101008 - Up and to the desk all day, out for dinner at Sonic's.  Home worked in the yard, L cleaned up the garden and I leveled some pavers while the boys played.  In for the night and watched "Little Monsters', the movie, not my boys, well...

101007 + Up worked, stressed, yeller... but made it through the day...  L to J's conf, all good, except what we know about his 'transitioning'  L&D to D's conf, all good, except he talks too much...  I got subway with J&G and we all met at home for dinner.  DJ&I to scouts for J's first meeting.  Up late watched 'Grand Torino', very good movie.