101015 + Ready for the Bday boy

101015 - Up, D to friends, L to work, I read Bible and Father the Family Protector, sitting at desk.  Ran and got taxes for 2009 done, more work.  Out with L&D to smokey bones, sucks.  D&I out to home depot for supplies to put up the horse.  Home watched baseball with D until midnight.  I called in troops to put horse up tomorrow.  L has things ready for G's party.

101014 - Up at 4 and flew to Houston.  L meetings today, D @ Nicole's and then a friends.  I had a great meeting and flew home.  L&D out to dinner & scouts, I got home and stayed up talking to L, bed @midnight

101013 + Up saw boys off to school, crisp clear morning.  L to meet with 1 of J's Drs about his psych eval... result = no ADHD, above average IQ...  :-)   Worked till 5, all to meet Gmab @ Wendy's halfway and had dinner.  J&G went with her for the next cpl days.  LD&I to ToysRUs and a teacher store to load up on G's birthday presents.  Home, hung out.  Bed for early flight tomorrow.