101016 + HAPPY 4th BDAY GRANT!!!

101016 + Up w/ D for doughnuts and the troops started rolling in. First Joe & Joey and then Jeff & Cole. Doc provided the power auger And the digging began early.

Then Frank, Bob & Seth arrived to dig in. The boys put pipes together and drilled an bolted on the supports. We dug and dug for HOURS... Then up it went!

It took us 5 hours! We all pitched in and got things cleaned up just as the birthday boy arrived. He was happy to see us and that the horse was up.

Gma&paB&W arrived and the Cole clan and we all had lunch. Then we all piled out for a round of Grant's favorite game, baseball!

After a fun game we headed up for presents, it was so cute how Grant loved all the things he opened. We then had cake & a piƱata.

What a great day for a great boy! Happy birthday Ganty! We love you! I love you!
We had some steak for dinner, played with some of the news toys and then watched the Buckeyes get spanked, Wisconsin style :-(