101005 - Secret Championship?

101005 - Up w/ boys, took G to school, then stuck on phone...  Guy stopped to get paid, then more phone...  Around dinner time we saw some kids back at the ball field.  D&I walked back and SURPRISE, D's team was in the championship game, except the coach 'thought we were on vacation' and forgot to call and tell us... hmmm....  On the walk home D was crying, he knows a JERK when he sees one...  L&I made him suck it up and play...  He struck out both times he was up to bat but they were CRAP calls as the crowd protested...  They lost, but got 2nd place trophies.  D was all smiles, talking about next yr...

When I had a minute alone with D, I got choked up told him sorry for making him go to that game, he did right thing, for his team, regardless of the coach...  and that I was very proud of him....  We went to Jeff's to help him with his car top and stopped at Panda Express for dinner.

101004 - Worked frustrated flights
played rough with boys
nothing on schedule
played cards, had fun
bible bangers