101018 - Dam pretty day

101018 - Up and saw the boys off to school. To the airport and off first to Philadelphia, grabbed a Philly cheese-steak there, then on to Boston. Met Cindy & Lee and we made our way to the office to manage the days disaster and see the folks there.

After work I forced the the gang out on another 'team building' experience/geocaching adventure. We found this:

The Pawtucket gatehouse and dam. Once the largest dam in the world, it held the title for about 40 years.

Second is a memorial to all the brave men and women from Pawtucketville who fought and fell to defend the liberties of the people of this country. A nice stone monument overlooks the river.

Finally we come to a boulder commemorating the conversion to Christianity of Passaconaway, the Pennacook Indian Chief. He lived near the Pawtuckett Falls in Lowell and now a rock bearing his name hides a small geocache.

After we found the cache we headed to the brewery district where we found a microbrewery for dinner. As we were ordering we noticed the sprinklers were going off in the brewery section... Soon the lights started flashing and the alarms ringing and we had to evacuate the restaurant... Police and fire engines arrived very quickly.

This pretty much sum up the entire fiasco of a day... Back to the hotel for some work and baseball...