100131 + No time for L

100131 + Up and LD&J to church so D could acolyte and then L doing Sunday school. G&I on our own. We made some cinnamon sugar toast and tried to dub some videos but the transfer from camcorder to DVD didn't go quite right.. Then G&I packed up and headed out to get things done: we returned the camcorder, delivered some cash from Dave to Jim, Blockbuster, a sit down lunch at Wendy's, Dropped off some borrowed religious DVDs to Joe, got gas, stopped by Jeff's and helped take down some big Christmas decorations and talk business, finnaly back home!
Grant went down for a nap and J&I played the Wii. D joined us and we have fun taking turns playing Rayman's Raving Rabbits 2. Then D and I headed into the hobby room and worked on one of his Cheistmas models for a while. G got up and we all had some dinner. Then G&D took a bath and J a shower. We all headed into the playroom to watch 'The Horse in a Gray Flannel Suit'. All boys to bed!

Back downstairs for a quick snack and cup of coffee into the office and a couple hours of work. L poked her head in and said 'you didn't spend anytime with me today' :-( So now trying to finish up before she falls asleep...