100130 - Friends Basketball Dancing

100130 - Everyone up, L&G headed to Dleware with Nicole, Sam & Lena so GmaB could see Lena. DJ&I out on errands: regitered J for spring soccer, a Geocache, beer & chips @ Meijer, Chinese Lunch for D&I, Subway for J, drop off a movie @ Blockbuster, quick freezing rinse for the car, home for lunch & to get the beer in the fridge.
We had our lunch and were loading the scooters into the car as our freezing method of transportation after we would drop it off for an oil change @ Tuffy, when Dave, Katie & Jake Loughman showed up! They followed us to Tuffy and gave us a wa ride home.
The kids played and played and Dave & I had coffee, beer and awesome relaxing conversation. L&G home and more play and conversation.
The Loughmans headed home and our boys got dressed to go watch D's basketball game. D got his team pictures taken and then in to play. Gma&paW came down to see the game and D got the first basket of the game. It was a good game and D is getting better each game. After the game a bunch of the families went to Signatures for a late dinner, a band and dancing.

Home, all boys to bed & I stayed up watching a movie and a bit of work...
Today was a great day!