100122 + Corresion

100122 + Grade Cards came home today and both D&J did really well.  So we went out to dinner at the new Olive garden we have hear in town.  It was horribly busy but the food was REALLY good!
Then a stop at HobbyLand where D&J found something they liked that they could buy with their grade card $.  Well this turned into a disaster as D coersed J to buy something he really didn't want...  which made J cry because he just spent his $ on something he didn't want...  D was very ugly about the whole event so went to bed as soon as we got home...

100121 - Full day for me.  Dinner and then D went to basketball practice.  I got some time to play with J&G before D got back home and we had to run to scouts where he got some badges and other kids got to throw pies at the leaders.  Then D& I went to Best Buy and got memory for L&GmaW's computers.  Home and we installed the new memory chips, D thought that was really cool.