100120 - Brave Boy

100120 - Up and got some work done. Then LJ&I headed in to Children's hospital to get J's Hernia fixed. J was a good patient and did very well with all the pre-op Dr visits and questions. L&I walked him to the OR and gave him a kiss and he bravely went in without a peep.
L&I went to the waiting room and hung out less than an hour before the Dr. came in and reported 'all done. Everything went fine'. We went to his recovery room and he was doing good. He has a bit of pain and wanted something to drink, his DS :-)

Got home to a full house and got J settled in.  Gma&paB took off for a long dark drive home after I am sure was a loud long day.  D&I went to pick up J's prescription and then i sat up with J until 4, when Lori took over.  He is still doing well and his stomach has some pain, which 'really hurts', but he only says something if he is asked...