100127 - 18 to 1

100127 - Up and saw the boys off to school. Then a quick morning of touching base and then off to the airport. Flew to Portland today through ORD without event. Talked to my buddy Dave in route and several others.

When I got to Portland I met up with Harald and we found our hotel. After checking in we inquired with the Bell-hop on a good place to eat: he recomended Adenas and said it was a topless resturant... After traveling all day I didn't feel like going to a topless resturant, I wanted something quick and quiet. Seeing the disapointment in Harald's face I conceeded and off we went. We got there and to my dismay not a topless person in sight, but rather a topas resturant... We had a mix of very tasty and delicious dishes and some great conversation.

Not being far from the hotel we decided to walk back from dinner. In route we passed a book store, 'Powell's City of Books' to be more specific

This place is HUGE: I'm talking 1 city block and 5 stories high. Well I had to go in there! We strolled in and explored for a bit, ending up in the religious section, where I found a couple good books. Then back to the hotel and ready for tomorrow customer visit.
This trip is 18 hours of travel, for a 1 hour meeting...