100125 - All directions

100125 - Up, boys off to school, chained to desk phase 2 stuff, too many calls, too many new projects poppin up, FRAZLED. I did make it to the kitchen for dinner, Grant didn't eat at dimmer time... L took D and a couple of the neighbor boys to basketball practice tonight while I got to stay home w/ J&G. We built a HUGE dinosaur army and got them all lined up, had Mary Poppins playing on the TV so we had something to sing along with, and dumped all the transformers out and played with them. L didn't like the mess much when she got home :-0 Cleaned up the mess, all boys to bed.
I then picked up Doc and we headed to McD's to meet the Bible Bangers. It was a pretty good meeting, but tonight I got more out of talking to Doc on the way there and back.
Grant up in the middle of the night burning up, got him medicated. Not much sleep time left...