100124 & 23 - Constant Motion

100124 - Up and LD&J to church. G&I hung out for a bit then ran to the grocery and got ingredient for lunch. Back home and we whipped up a gormet meal and G set the table too. Everyone home for a sit down meal.
After lunch D&I worked on his wooden model airplane, J&I built his model Rocket and G got in the way. In between all this I managed to burn about 9 VHS tapes to DVDs. It was fun for the boys to see all these old videos of our wedding and other places we visited and lived before being tied down by rug rats. Gma&paW stopped over, we had a Nerf dart war, showed GmaW her upgraded laptop and email on Google Apps. Jack had a melt down and L stayed home w/ him while the rest of us went to Noodle Co for dinner. Back to base and all calm. Had some dessert, Gma&paW headed home and the boys headed to bed.

100123 - Up and L&J went to basketball so J could get his picture w/ his team. J couldn't play because of the hernia operation but he did stay and cheer on his friends. DG&I worked on a model airplane.
L&J home for lunch and then to the basement for some wii, homework and legos. Then everyone out to D's basketball game. They had a good game and D is doing really well: he likes to run and run and guard people. They won and we headed out with the Grossl's for dinner @ Red Robbin. It was a pretty crazy loud event to say the least... A quick stop at BlockBuster and then home for showers and a movie. I was beat and missed most of the movie... All boys to bed (me too)