090121 - Puzzle Partner

090121 - Up & on the ph right away. L,J&G had some friend over & was on the ph untill 4pm... Lori, Lee's wife had a heart inspection,today & no surgery required! medication & reduced activity for a while should be all that is required. L took D to karate & then got groceries. I played w/ J&G & then got J ready for karate. L home, dropped off groceries & picked up J for karate. G&I put the groceries away, G loves/has to get everything out of the bag and hand it u to put away. G&I then did every puzzle we could find.
090120 - Lee(I work with out of the SFO office) had a scare today. His wife Lori had a bit of heart problem she had to go to the hospital for and is spending the night. Other than that it was a normal day of con calls and work. Watched American Idol w/ L.