081231 - New Years Eve

081231 - Up and working in the office a bit. D&I across the road to help Doc w/ his computer. The Doc, D,J&I ran out to take a look @ a house. Home, Doc stayed for lunch.
Quiet afternoon, I taught D how to weld w/ his new plastic welder toy, L&G got groceries. Then D played while L,J,G&I caught a fast nap. Up and out to dinner w/ the Kreigers @ Max & Erma's. The big kids sat at their own table, ordered their own foods and had a good time. We had a nice dinner and good conversation. Headed to Blockbuster where everyone got to pick a movie or game for the night.
Home and watched Grant's movie, J then got to play his game for a bit, which he loves and moves and jumps around trying to help his character jump & fight. D started his movie, but didn't last long... L&D fell asleep & J&I were up enjoying the show. About 10 till the new year J&I woke everyone up and forced them to watch the ball drop & poor Dick Clark participate 1 more time. The ball dropped, the new year is here!
Got everyone to bed, my New Year wishes sent out over SMS and off to bed.
081230 - D&I out for haircuts and a stop @ Goodwill. Home for lunch, then D went w/ me while I got an MRI on hand. L,J&G took Lilly on a walk. Hung out @ home.
081229 - Up GmaW & big boys down to the barn. L got some bfast ready and everyone ate. GpaW went into work earlier, we said goodbye to GmaW as she prepared to go into work until late that night.
We drove home and got the car unloaded, some of the stuff away, started building the legos. we were able to play outside w/ Lilly and then more legos. We headed out for dinner, a bit of loud & crazy pizza... A quick stop @ the Home Depot & grocery. Home, baths, finally relaxing...