090128 + Sledding

090128 + Up had another amazing fast crap day with N, consuming every minute I had. Wanted to go out with the kids as they were home for a snow day and do some sleddng, but before I knew it they were back inside. That was 2hrs gone inthe blink of an eye. Hung around the house, had dinner, played, baths, watched American Idol and LOST (which was really friggin cool).

090127 - Day from hell with N, on phone from 8am to 7pm with issues. I don't know anymore than that that happened today... was infront of phone and PC for all of it. Can't remember if I even tucked in the boys...

090126 - Up full day of work, like nails on a chalkboard... Howdy home from school and came into the office to do homework w/ me. We all had a fast dinner, well the boys didn't eat, so L&I decided to starve them until breakfast... Took D&J to karate, home got them in bed, then off to Tim Horton's to meet the Bible Bangers. Home worked on facebook, madison89.com, geni.com talked to GpaW, John3, JEK, all kept me up too damn late.

090125 - Church for L,D&J first thing. G&I tried to get to the store but didn't make it before everyone got home. After lunch I dropped Dylan off at a bday party. Home and G&L took a nap while J&I played the Wii. Everyone back home for dinner. D&I built more little army guys, then J&I watched waterhorse, up late doing mail for work.