090114 + SNOW!

090114 - Up on ph all day... We got 6'' of snow and it is still coming down, but that did not stop D&I from heading out on the snow covred roads. We went out to pick up the MRI on my wrist (i saved a copy on my PC, VERY COOL!), a stop at the video store and one more Dr offie to pick up some xrays. But the Dr office was closed due to the $hit weather. I made the best of the empty parking lot and taught D how to do donuts. He LOVED it!!! A quick stop at Kroger for supplies before heading home to play grab a snack and bed. L&I stayed up to watch American Idol again, and i worked on facebook, the blog and the www.madison89.com website.

090113 + ON the phone all day again for work. Getting back into the mindset of customer P. D went over to the Pettit's for dinner. LJG&I ahd a nice quiet dinner. D got home and things got exponentially LOUDER!!! Got the boys showers a snack and read some Uncle Wiggley to them. L&I watched American Idol and I stayed up late working on 2 new websites.

090112 - Starting the work week off behind... Finished the day afte 6hrs of calls... Ate fats and ran D&J to karate with some errands in between. Got everyone home for a quick play, snack & bed. Brent P stopped and we spent a couple hrs going over project mgt and some of my anal organization... Stayed up late, started a new business, pyramid for selling 'Internet for Life'. Basically I joined a co that owns all the .ws domains. Check it out and buy ur own domain through me at the link to the right or go to www.ColdwaterGDI.ws