090118 - Sleddin Hill

090118 - Up, L&D to church, D had to light the candles. I got bfast for G&I while J watched tv. We play a bit, got dressed & J started gathering things to take to the Farm. L&D home, we loaded up w/ Lilly and headed to the Farm. We got there safe, suited everyone up and headed out in front of Gma&paW's to the big hill. It was perfect sledding snow and we zoomed down farther than ever. D was going down the hill STANDING on the old tobogan, over & over. J went up & down the hill many times on a little Chevey Chase saucer until he crashed and got snow down his shirt. G got to see and feed Dusty. Everyone back into the house to thaw and have couple smores from the warm firplace. Gpa & I ran out to get food, while Gma,D&J headed back out to make a snow dinosaur and more sledding. We had a good dinner and then home for bath & a movie because no one has school tomorrw.