090110 + Dancin Jack

090110 + Up in the am, got organized. D&I over to Saddle Run for inspection, furnace and have them sign a new lease. This is the first time we have met them and they are a very nice family. We hit a bank and Wendy's to get lunch for the fam on the way home. L took D to his first basket ball practice. This year his team is the Suns (his schedule is at right if anyone would like to attend, let us know... J&I watched an old voice over Godzilla and G took a nap. Everyone home and off for dinner w/ Curran's. Home and J dancin around w/ Lilly. L&I stayed up and watched a couple movies.
090109 - Worked all day. Added classmates out of the yearbook to the www.Madison89.com website. Jim signed up today, hope it catches on. L made dinnr, then J&I ran out to get some movies & a slim jim. Home and watched a movie about giant ants & Jack thought the were under his bed... I stayed up moving blog entried from the old Yahoo blog to this one, so getting some history as far back as 2005. During the Christmas break I gathered memories all the way back to Gma&paWs wedding announcment from the news paper... Let's see how long it takes me to get all that history in...
090108 - Worked all day, D came in to the office after school to do his homework w/ me. After dinner J stayed @ home w/ L, I took D&G to cub scouts & then over to Grossl's for a CREI meeting. Got the boys home & bed, L&I stayed up and watched the college champ game, now that was some football. I stayed up longer, watched a movie & set up website for class ( www.Madison89.com ).
090107 - Lilly vet, my Dr called, and my wrist broken. Worked all day and then took the boys to karate. While J was doing his karate practice, D&I did math, 500 problems. When we got home I taught the boys how to play paper football.